A look back at the West Data Festival 2023

This is a first for HYPERION. Our sovereign data centre solution found itself in the spotlight of over a thousand industry experts at the 5th West Data Festival in Laval, France. In addition to this exhibition, this event was an opportunity for our CEO Nicolas Boulinguiez to express his vision on the themes of data in general during two conferences.
You don’t know HYPERION yet? Find out more about how it works in cooling immersion below.

Hyperion technology: better than direct liquid cooling (DLC)

Unlike the direct liquid cooling method where heat recovery from the servers is partial and still requires the use of fans at the back of the racks, immersion cooling involves immersing an entire server in the coolant. The benefits?

  • Heat recovery is total and not partial
  • The possibilities for reusing the heat are maximum. Thanks to a heat exchanger, the heat can be reused to heat buildings.
  • The ease of maintenance is optimal because the tool is unique and simplified (no fan to maintain, no dust on the servers etc…)
  • There is no air present to avoid oxidation. This extends the life of the servers.
  • The fluid is the main component of the system together with the tank. With its dielectric and biodegradable properties, the fluid circulates through a heat exchanger to be cooled and re-injected into the tanks. It therefore does not evaporate.

Immersion cooling and DLC: some similarities

Even if immersion cooling via our HYPERION solution has a wider scope than the direct liquid cooling method, these two techniques have common objectives:

  1. Reducing the environmental impact of data centres whose growth is a cause for concern
  2. Reducing noise pollution
  3. Facilitating maintenance

Immersion cooling: more environmentally friendly than air cooling and even more efficient

As a pioneer in liquid immersion cooling technology for data centres, the Hyperion solution is already an advanced and mature product with a very bright future. With its energy performance, it also marks a milestone in the history of Green IT. For a company or a community, using HYPERION allows to reduce the single energy consumption and to obtain the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, our solution can lower the PuE value. According to a study, the average PuE of a traditional data centre is 1.73 vs <1.10 for Hyperion. Beyond the financial aspect, comfort is also part of HYPERION’s arguments, which guarantees very low noise operation and high reliability of digital equipment. It should also be noted that the use of HYPERION allows servers to be housed securely in any building, without thermal constraints.

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A look back at the West Data Festival 2023 This is a first for HYPERION. Our sovereign data centre solution… Read More

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