Hyperion, performance indicators that MAKE

The lifespan of our data centres is longer than traditional solutions.

Its main advantage: dust and oxidation do not reach our servers, whereas they are responsible for breakdowns, damage to equipment and even fires.
In addition to the longevity of the solution, discover our other advantages.

Hyperion, performance indicators that make a difference!

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Hyperion Solution

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Data center

Data Centre

PUE average

PUE traditional data centre = 1,55 Source : Etude 2022 from Uptime Institute



Energy reuse rate



* According to a study by Infra Num
** After recovery of waste energy

A quick return on investment

With Hyperion, you can get a rapid return on your IT infrastructure investment.

  • No more wasting. With the possibility of recovering 90% of the heat produced by the servers, Hyperion allows you to generate savings on your heating by connecting it to our tank. You revalue the energy used by your information system, optimise your environmental impact, reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and improve your energy balance.
  • With a PuE of less than 1.1Hyperion far exceeds the market standard and allows you to generate considerable savings on your power consumption while having optimal performance for your information system.
  • Increase the life of your servers. No more corrosion and dust, no hot spots in the cooling system: your servers will have a considerably longer life. Fewer breakdowns and less need to replace equipment as often. You will make substantial savings on both investment and running costs and you will be thinking in a sustainable and responsible way in the long term.

A certain and measurable ROI, an investment in a 100% French sustainable and virtuous solution. What is the best strategy for digital investment?

To carry out a personalized study of your ROI according to your project, contact us now!


Simplified and compact installation

No more high installation costs for your computer room.
No need for a clean room, Hyperion can be installed in any type of room, even in a commercial building. No need for air-conditioning systems, which frequently break down and consume water. You save on investment, maintenance and power consumption.

More performance

Thanks to the immersion technology, which provides better cooling of the servers, you can increase the performance of your information system: more computing power, higher server density.

Controlled environmental impact

A high-performance cloud service and a reduced carbon footprint are challenges for everyone, and Hyperion is the solution.

Sobriety of the digital environment

of the digital environment

Controlling the location of data

Controlling data

Increasing the life span of equipment

Life span

Effective use of the territory's digital infrastructure

efficient use
of digital infrastructures
on the territory