Hyperion, sustainable data centre

Hyperion is part of the CSR approach of companies. It guarantees the highest level of performance and safety and allows you to save up to 50% in electricity consumption.

Optimise and save money!

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Why using
Hyperion technology ?

A strategic choice for the future!

50% reduction of 
electricity consumption


electricity consumption


savings on total operating costs


technical breakdowns

Computing power 
deployable with the same power consumption and/or 
space requirements.

of your servers



Computing power
deployable with the same power consumption and/or
with the same space requirement.

Our partners

They support the HYPERION solution!

A french company and solution availible all over the world.

with a simple mission: make you gain IT energy performance!

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Who better than an expert?

From idea to solution

It all started with a immersed server in an aquarium…

Gain in energy


Save 90% of energy, optimise space and reuse produced heat.

Discover the full value of Hyperion for your company.

Who better than an expert?

Who better than an expert?

Hyperion solution is above all the fruit of the work of passionate men and women belonging to the Numains Group.

How des it work ?

Servers are immersed
in stainless steel tanks containing a
biodegradable fluid
not electrically conductive

Step 1
Step 2

The heat generated is
recovered and reusable

This valorization of heat
is simply made
from the connexion
to a water loop

Step 3
Step 4

The heat can thus be used
according to the needs of the building (boiler, underfloor heating, DHW, etc.)